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The exterior of the Metis has a brushed aluminium look to it and comes in a few different colours. The front of the Chassis features a small power button on the top in the middle and down on the bottom we can see the Raijintek logo.

Raijintek Metis_10

The side panel that will sit behind the back of the motherboard tray has a nice vented area to it and while there is no room for fans, it should help allow for some airflow and keep things a bit cooler than if it was not present.


Raijintek Metis_1

The main side panel has a nice small window on it and will allow you to show off the inside of the build, which may or may not always be a good thing as you can see below.

Raijintek Metis_4

The top of the Metis is home to the front IO and consists of 2 x USB3.0 ports and the audio jacks (mic/headphone)

Raijintek Metis_3

The bottom of the case has feet that are easily removed and we can also see an array of mounting holes that will allow users to install a 3.5″ hard drive or a pair of 2.5″ SSDs. We can also see a plug is connected to the power supply, this is just an extension cord due to the location to where the power supply is mounted inside the case and allows users to plug their mains cable in the rear of the case as per normal.

Raijintek Metis_5

On to the rear and we can see where our PSU extension cable ends and we can plug the normal mains cable into it. As this is an m-ITX chassis there are only 2 x PCI expansion bays and this is due to the fact the m-ITX motherboard will only have one PCI-E slot. Next to the motherboards rear IO is space for a fan, a 120mm exhaust comes installed as standard when purchasing the Metis.

Raijintek Metis

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  1. i was wondering, i have an EVGA hybrid, with an AIO attatched, could we actually stack a H80i and the hybrid cooler rad to exhaust… just a thought.

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