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Closer Look Interior

Taking a look inside the case and at first glance it looks fairly normal, which it is but there is also a couple of things I found quite nice. There is more than enough room to build a nice PC around an ATX motherboard in here and quite a few good options for managing cables.

SilverStone PS11Q_21

As we see on a lot of entry-level cases there is a guide making it easier for users to know which holes they will need to install the motherboard risers in as they do not come pre-installed inside the PS11B-Q.

SilverStone PS11Q_15

Towards the front of the case, we have 2x 5.25″ drive bays at the top for your optical drive, card readers or even a handy place to hide 3.5″ hard drives with some brackets. Moving on down and we can see the intake fan, and what I almost overlooked the first time around was the 2x SSD mounting trays that while they are right in plain sight, may go unseen. One of the trays is on the bottom side of the 5.25″ drive bay while the other is on top of the 3.5″ drive cage, this is a nice touch and is a good way to allow support for SSD’s without have to make the HDD cage bigger than necessary.




SilverStone PS11Q_12SilverStone PS11Q_16SilverStone PS11Q_11

The top of the case doesn’t have any support for fans or AIO coolers, but this is due to the fact it is designed to be more on the silent side of things. Instead, users will find some more noise reduction insulation to help get the noise down!



SilverStone PS11Q_9

looking at the back of the case from the inside and we get a bit better look at the space designated for an exhaust fan and we can now see how the blanking plates for the PCI expansion bays are removed.

SilverStone PS11Q_13

On the backside of the motherboard tray, there are a few place to tie down your cables to help route them the direction you want and keep them out of the way. All in all there are definitely enough options to help manage your cables.

SilverStone PS11Q_8

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