Alpenföhn Atlas CPU Cooler Review 20

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Brand: Alpenföhn
Model: Atlas
UK Price: From £48 (at

Alpenföhn appeared on the scene in 2008, but already they have a respectable portfolio of coolers for both CPUs and GPUs and those in turn have collected a respectable number of awards from review sites all over the world. Their coolers are designed and developed in Germany so we can expect a very well engineered product however the physical manufacturing process is done in China; so are Alpenföhn able to keep tight enough control to ensure that they are up to our expectations?

Well, the cooler in question today is the Alpenföhn Atlas. It is an enormous, dual radiator air cooler with a TDP of 200 watts; and when you see it out of the box it’s a surprise to think that it’s engineered for some of the smallest systems around. The cooling power available here should be ample for anybody, even when overclocking your processor, but ‘should’ is not always how things go in real world testing. I’ll be putting it through its paces later but first let’s familiarise us with the specifications.



Read on to take a closer look at what type of cooler £50 of your hard earned money will get you…

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