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Installation took around 5-10minutes even with having to take pictures. As per our normal testing procedures, I have installed this cooler on the Intel 1150 socket.

To get things started, get the screws in all four corners aligned properly, which is of course dependant on the socket type you will be using the cooler on.

Gelid Rev3 Tranquillo _7

Once the screws are in their correct position you can poke them through the back side of the motherboard and secure them in place with the included thumbscrews.

Gelid Rev3 Tranquillo _8

Now that the backplate is in place, we can go ahead and get the cooler ready for mounting. To do so, find the correct brackets for your socket type and line them up properly and screw them to the base of the cooler, it is that simple.

Gelid Rev3 Tranquillo _11

Everything should now be in place and ready to mount. Go ahead and put your thermal paste down on the CPU and set the cooler atop the CPU making sure to line up the holes of the brackets we put on the cooler with the screws from the backplate. Once you have set the cooler atop the CPU you can now tighten it down with the corresponding springs and screws and that is it, once all four screws are tightened you will be good to go.

Gelid Rev3 Tranquillo installationGelid Rev3 Tranquillo _1

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