Cougar 200K Gaming Keyboard Review 12

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Cougar was started in 2007 in Germany by a group of computer peripheral engineers. With an enthusiasm and a passion for innovation, Cougar set out to design products that would stand the test of time and meet gamer’s needs. Cougar believes to give consumers the highest-quality products, the company needs to be on the forefront of technology and as such has an extensive R&D team who have a deep understanding of the market and technological development trends.

Not only do Cougar offer a nice range of peripherals, they also manufacture PC Cases, power supplies, fans and even more. It is safe to say Cougar has found their spot in the market and are here to stay, offering their top of the line products to gamers and enthusiasts alike.

Today I am taking a look at what just may be one of their more controversial products they currently have on the market by way of the 200K Gaming Keyboard. The 200K is a Gaming Keyboard by name but is designed with scissor switched and for those who don’t know, scissor switches are more commonly found in laptops and not normally mentioned in “Gaming” peripheral conversations. Aside from the scissor switches, the 200K also features anti-ghosting keys and a 7 colour backlight which we will, of course, take a look at in a bit.


Model name
COUGAR 200K gaming keyboard
Key switch
Anti-ghosting keys
19 keys
Full key backlight
Repeat rate
1X / 2X
USB plug
Cable length
165(L) x 450(W) x 23(H) mm

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