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Raijintek is one of the new kids on the block when it comes to the world of computer hardware and accessories. Established in 2013, Raijintek has been causing a bit of a buzz and have introduced a few of their CPU coolers and PC cases to the world with promises of more products on the way. Raijintek have developed a certain style as most big brands do and it is not hard to spot their products in a very crowded market, especially their CPU coolers. It seems Raijintek have more than just got their foot in the door and are here to stay for a while and are releasing products on a fairly regular basis.

Today I am taking a look at one of Raijintek’s more enthusiast sized coolers by way of the Tisis. The Tisis features a dual tower design and comes with 2 x fans as stock, though there is room for a 3rd fan for a bit of added performance if need be. It comes with 5 x 8mm heat pipes that should allow for some massive cooling ability and it features a 100% nickel design.

Before we look at an unboxing video, let’s see what Raijintek say about the Tisis:

TISIS, angel of Revenge, a Dual-tower heat-sink with extremely performing 14025 fans, top high-end CPU cooler for people who are seeking the best cooling partner for super over-clocking. TISIS, designed in Germany and provides users an awesome performance. The gorgeous combination design for Dual– towers, 2*14025 fans pre-installed, patented copper base. TISIS can dissipate over 350W easily. With multiple mounting kits, giant dissipating fin area and 100% heat-sink nickel; TISIS – your awesome Cooler for your CPU and extreme over-clocking.

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