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In terms of performance, the ODIN 12 may not have the best airflow, but then again it is not supposed to as even when using it at 12V it has at least a 10% decrease in RPM over the other fans in the benchmark results. While the ODIN 12 may not have the fastest airflow, it is more than sufficient and it makes up for this with by having a very low noise output. While during my testing it was definitely audible, I had to check settings to make sure I had it on it’s full 12V load as even my ears could really tell the difference compared to that of the other fans on test as it was that much quieter. When all is said and done, the airflow of the ODIN 12 will be enough to help keep your components cool and the fact that it does it much more quietly than other fans is a big plus.

The design of the ODIN 12 is very well thought out and quite pleasing. The thing that is going to make this a great choice for users is the fact that it comes with the different colour frames which would essentially allow the users to change the colour scheme of their build without having to replace new fans, that is of course if they chose an overall colour scheme to match one of the frames. Thermaltake have paid a great attention to detail with their ODIN 12 fan and it shows in things like the LED light trail and how it follows the same path as the arms on the backside of the frame that hold it all together.

In terms of value, you get what you pay for and when it comes to fans there are just so many out there on the market to choose from that companies have to find new ways to help make their products stand out and while Thermaltake isn’t the first company to include colour changing parts on a fan, there are not a lot of companies out there who do it so it is nice to see. There will definitely a massive amount of cheaper fans out there, but they will not have the attention to detail that the ODIN 12 has. Too many

Too many times we have seen LEDs just thrown into the frame of a fan to add some illumination and give it that “gamer” gimmicky look. Thermaltake has done a good job all around when designing the ODIN 12 and with performance matching its looks, it is definitely a worthy purchase.

I would like to thank Thermaltake for sending the ODIN 12 in for review and look forward to seeing how well the LED ring fans they have been teasing as of late will perform.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Different coloured interchangeable frames
– Very quiet operation
– Great fan blade design


– Doesn’t offer the best airflow
– No PWM version available

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