GUNNAR Lime Paralex Gaming Eyewear Review

  • Brand: GUNNAR
  • Model: GUNNAR Lime Paralex
  • Website:
  • RRP: £79.99

Back in 2007 when Jennifer Michelsen and Joe Croft banded together to create a solution to CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome), which at the time was relatively unknown.  GUNNAR Optiks was the vision and oh boy did they make waves.  With top names such as 50 Cent, Carl Zeiss, Happy Madison productions and Monster on board with GUNNAR, they are well respected within the industry and their product range continues to grow.  With a range going from gaming all the way to prescription glasses, there is something to suit everybody’s needs. Coming in at around £79 when they get released in the UK, will that put people off?  I hope not!  People spend hundreds of pounds on products to protect their hands from carpal tunnel syndrome in the form of wrist wrests, ergonomic keyboards etc, why not on such a product to protect one of the most important and underrated organs in the body? The eyes! This model in particular features steel construction with no screws to lose and is from GUNNARs gaming range. Today in the spotlight is the GUNNAR Lime Paralex.


• Adjustable silicone nose pads provide a customizable fit;

• Fastener free hinge design and high tensile steel construction create incredible durability;

• Gently curved temples provide necessary retention to keep eyewear in place;

• Ultra slim temples distribute headphone pressure to ensure headset compatiibility;

• Interchangeable sockets create endless design and customization options;

• One piece front construction eliminates all welds, screws and other potential points of failure;

• Flexible temples conform and ergonomically fit a wide range of head and face shapes


weight: 20 grams (without packaging)

eye size: 54 mm

bridge width: 18 mm

temple length: 120 mm

lens height: 28 mm

Lightweight, packed with features and built from high tensile steel, lets take at how the Lime Paralex comes packaged.

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