KitVison Edge HD30W Action Camera Review


Closer Look Cont.

Now that we have had a look at the camera with the protective casing on, let’s get a better look at the camera itself and what it can do.

There is quite a bit going on with the front side of the Edge HD30W. Starting off in the top left we have what look like 3 little pieces of white plastic, the top is the Wi-fi status indicator, middle is working status indicator and the bottom is the power status indicator. Below this is the button to start recording video and to the right of it, the on/off switch. Above the on/off switch are a few more switches that will allow users to control the G-Sensor, light meter mode and toggle the Wi-fi on and off. Lastly, taking up the right side is the 175 degree wide angle lens that will allow users to shoot video and photos in a number of different resolutions.

Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_3

Moving around the camera and one side actually has nothing on it except for a couple of screws which hopefully most people will never need to undo.

Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_9

Over on to the other side and here we have a couple of buttons on the LCD that will allow users to access the menu and playback features of the camera. We can also see a protective cover that once opened reveals the HDMI, USB and Micro SD card inputs.

Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_8

Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_12

On the back is the 2″ TFT displace that will, of course, allow users to navigate through the menu and setup and playback any videos or photos they may have. On the right are a pair of indicator lights and to the bottom is the speaker so there will be sound when playing back video through the Edge HD30W.

Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_13

On the top of the HD30W is a nice LCD screen that will allow users to know what mode the camera is in, how much time left you have to record and it even features a battery indicator so you will know when it is time to charge your device. To the right of this is a small hole that is actually the microphone for this camera and to the right of that are a couple of buttons that will allow users to take photos and stop the recording process of videos. On the screen, we can see a few buttons that will be used to navigate the menu and allow users to get the edge HD30W set up how they like.

Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_14

As we saw with the protective case, the TFT screen is actually easily removed by pulling it off the back of the camera. Once the screen is off users will now also gain access to the battery which can be taken out just by sliding it down, this will come in handy for those who may need to keep a few batteries charged up at a time for those longer adventures.

Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_6

Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_7

Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_10

Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_11


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