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Now that we have everything out of the box let’s have a look at what is included. In the box you of course get your EnerG, a soft pouch, USB charging cable and quick start guide.

Luxa2 EnerG Closer contents

Taking a closer look at the front of the EnerG; we will notice its overall gloss black finish and the silver strip down the right that looks like it is meant to resemble brushed aluminium.

Luxa2 EnerG Closer Front

Closer look at the silver strip on the front.

Luxa2 EnerG Closer Grey finish

On the long side we have our power button as well as for LED indications that let us know how much life is left in our EnerG Portable Battery Bank.

Luxa2 EnerG Power LED

On the bottom we will notice our full size USB port that we would use to charge our mobile device as well as our mini USB that would be used to charge the EnerG itself.

Luxa2 EnerG Closer Bottom USB

The back continues with our gloss black look but is missing the silver strip we saw on the front. You will also find some product information.

Luxa2 EnerG Closer Bottom specs

Luxa2 have even taken the effort to add their branding to the included USB.

Luxa2 EnerG closer USB cable

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