Patriot Fuel+ 6000mAh Power Bank Overview


[section_title title=”Closer Look”]Closer Look

Focusing first on the packaging, the Fuel+ comes in a relatively small box which is apt; the Fuel+ is around the size of an Xbox 360 controller battery pack.  The packaging has a red and white design which also features a viewing window so people looking to buy this in a retail environment can see what is on offer.

On the rear we have a similar design and an information table regarding which particular size battery is needed for what kind of device; this particular one (6000mAh) is suitable for smart phones and small tablets.  It also lists features such as build in surge protection which includes under-discharge and over current protection; you don’t want to fry your device!

Included in the box is an instruction leaflet which also contains information about the warranty, 1 x USB – mini USB cable which is to charge the actual batter itself.  There are no cables provided

Taking a closer look at the Fuel+ power bank itself, it features a very glossy white design with a power button on the front.  It features the Fuel+ logo on the top at the right hand side with the Patriot P logo on the front also on the right.

When powered on, the LED notification lights up blue with an additional 2 lights for devices you want to plug in; this particular model supports up to 2 USB devices at once.

On the bottom of the Fuel+ power bank, we have a red design which matches the packaging and features all the information regarding safety tests and specifications; again this model is the 6000mAh version.

The right hand side features 2 x USB charging ports (1 x 2.5A and 1 x 1A).  Both will charge your USB devices and if I’m honest, I would only recommending charging smaller devices such as smart phones as larger tablets will not only drain the juice, but you should really get the bigger version.

Finally we have the right hand side of the Fuel+, which has the charging port for the battery itself.  It is worth noting that you can charge both devices while the battery is being charged which is useful if you have 1 x USB port available but need to charge 2 devices; smart thinking from Patriot here.


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