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Now that we have had a look at everything, how does the AMD Radeon R9 Gamers Series RAM stack up? Does it justify its price tag and is it a worthy choice? Are you paying a premium for performance; or are you just paying for the AMD brand name?

First let’s quickly talk about the aesthetics as we so love to do here at Play3r. AMD have gone with a minimalistic look with their Radeon R9 Gamer Series RAM and the black PCB is definitely pleasing to the eye. They have kept branding to a minimum but have included just enough to help you show of the AMD Radeon R9 Gamer Series branding which is ok with me. Overall I really like the look of the RAM and it will be good match for red and black themes AMD rigs.

Performance wise I was a little bit let down with the 2400Mhz kit. Being an avid AMD fan I was hoping this stuff would blow me away and unfortunately it did not. Taking a look at the benchmarks the RAM is on par with the likes of the Kingston RAM I had on hand to compare it to. The biggest disappointment is the price per performance ratio. For around £30 less you can get a similar Kingston 16GB 2400Mhz kit and it does in fact outperform the AMD Radeon R9 Gamer Series RAM, or at least it did on my test system.

While the performance is not that far off of the competitor’s, the price is what lets it down.  No matter how bad I want AMD RAM in my system if I am buying new the price to performance ratio is simply just not worth it. One can only hope that as AMD RAM is still new on the forefront that it will be similar to when the released the FX-9590 and the price drastically dropped not that long after launch.

The 2133MHz kit is actually a bit cheaper than the similar Kingston kit which bodes well for AMD in my opinion. While the benchmarks may show the AMD RAM was not quite as fast it is safe to say the real world difference will be minimal if not non-existent all together. Having a look around the 2133Mhz kit could very well be a viable option when considering the price to performance ratio as it is cheaper than a far few other brands.

Overall the AMD Radeon R9 Gamers Series RAM is definitely not the worst, but if the 2400MHz kit stays at the current list price, AMD is going to have a hard time competing. On the other side, the 2133MHz kit could definitely be a force to be reckoned with especially when considering buying new RAM for an AMD FX build.

With all of that being said I unfortunately cannot give the 2400MHz any awards but would like to give the 2133MHz kit our Silver award. I feel the 2133MHz kit is on par with competitor offerings but at the same time it did not blow me away.


I would like to thank ASRock and AMD for providing me with the samples to test.

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