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Unfortunately for the purpose of this review I was unable to try and overclock the 2400MHz variant but I did manage to have a little play with the 2133MHz kit.

The 2400MHz kit is of course optimized for use with the Kaveri APUs, name the A10-7850K and A10-7700k. Whilst I did not get a chance to try overclocking I have noticed a few A88X+ board say they can handle DDR3 at 2600MHz+(OC) so it does give me a bit of hope that some overclock should be achievable.


Knowing that AMD also has a 2400MHz kit of this RAM I had high hopes for it. While I was able to get it to boot into windows at 2410MHz, I could not get it 100% stable. This could just be down to any number of things including the RAM ICs, memory controller and so on.

I tried 3 different sets of timings while running it at 2400MHz to hopefully get a better result. The best result was with timings at 11-12-12-31; with these I was able to get the PC to boot into Windows and it was actually usable. What I soon noticed after running all my benchmarks was that every so often programs would error out and need to be restarted; once restarted the programs would normally then run fine. The benchmarks I had run had also showed gains in almost every aspect so I have a feel I may have been close to the sweet spot.

I then tried to loosen the timings up a bit more, BIG MISTAKE! It seemed the looser I made the timings the worse off the RAM was. I was getting a lot more errors and the benchmark scores were utterly ridiculous.

One thing I did notice was that when running the RAM at its stock 2133MHz and overclocking the CPU to 4.5GHz there were some significant gains. This is of course to be expected a bit but does play nicely on the fact that this RAM is optimized to run with the AM3+ 990FX Chipset and as with all overclocking, your mileage will vary.



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