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Closer Look 2133MHz

Now that we have taken the RAM out of the package we are able to get a closer look. There is not too much more to see that was not revealed from looking at the back of the packaging.  One of the things to note is that the RAM does have a bit more information on one side than it does the other. The information is to let us know that each DIMM is AMD Radeon Memory, 2133MHz, 4GB and RoHS compliant as well as a few other details.


On the top of the heat spreaders you will notice the RADEONR9 GAMER SERIES branding.

Now that we have taking the RAM out we can clearly see the back of the insert that was showing behind the RAM when looking at the back of the packaging.


We can now also have a look at the inside of the insert which gives us our installation guide, info on DRAM TIMING control, a disclaimer and some other general info.


Closer Look 2400MHz

Once the RAM is out of the packaging we are greeted by the same black heat spreader covering our aesthetically pleasing black PCB.  We can of course see all the important information on the sticker which is on one side of the RAM.


On the top of the heat spreaders we can again notice the RADEONR9 GAMER SERIES branding.

Now that we have the packaging open we have almost identical information as seen to that of the 2133MHz RAM, the only real difference is they have now separated the insert into two separate pieces.

_DSC0011 _DSC0012


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