While we haven’t seen many memory kits of late, today we are taking a quick look at the new value-focused TeamGroup T-Force T1 Gaming DDR4-2666 16GB memory kit. The T-Force T1 Gaming DDR4-2666 kit has quite slack latencies of 18-18-18-43 and operates at the low voltage of 1.2V. Is it worthy of a buy for those looking to build a good value, but well-performing gaming rig? Let’s find out…

TeamGroup T-Force T1 DDR4 Specifications & Features

The T-Force T1 Gaming memory is available in both DDR4-2400 CL15, and DDR4-2666 CL18 kits.

Module Type 288 Pin Unbuffered DIMM Non-ECC
Capacity 4GB / 8GB / 4GBx2 / 8GBx2
Frequency 2400 2666
Data Transfer Bandwidth 19,200 MB/s
(PC4 19200)
21,328 MB/s
(PC4 21300)
Latency CL15-17-17-35 CL18-18-18-43
Voltage 1.2V
Dimensions 32(H) x 134(L)mm
Warranty Lifetime warranty

TeamGroup T-Force T1 DDR4 Closer Look

Looking at the packaging, the T-Force T1 DDR4-2666 memory kit comes supplied in a red and black branded blister pack. This is resealable and can be opened without the use of a knife or scissors.

As this is TeamGroup’s entry-level DDR4 memory which is aimed at gamers, the T-Force T1 DDR4 doesn’t include heatsinks and instead relies on ambient airflow to keep the memory chips cool. To make the memory look more gaming-themed, TeamGroup has gone with a red and black themed memory PCB which follows MSI and ASUS’s gaming brands including ROG and STRIX.

This particular kit is using Hynic ICs which tend to allow users to squeeze out extra MHz at the expense of more voltages. Our sampled kit is a 2 x 8GB kit with an X.M.P rating of DDR4-2666 and latencies of 18-18-18-43. In our experience, these latencies are a little loose and for platforms such as X570, tighter timings and faster memory speed does have a positive impact on performance.

The TeamGroup T-Force T1 DDR4 Review: The Verdict

Choosing the right memory kit for your new PC, or even your existing system can cause a headache due to an overabundance of selection on the current market. A couple of things to consider include style, price, the speed/latency combination, but more importantly, the compatibility with your platform of choice eg, X570, Z390, X299.

The TeamGroup T-Force T1 DDR4-2666 memory kit sits in an interesting position as it includes good quality and favoured Hynix ICs, but at a low entry-level price point. This 16GB kit is currently retailing at Amazon US for a stupidly low price of $67 which is superb value for money all things considered. Yes, the timings are a little looser than a typical gamer or user might want, but for a value-focused gaming system, you can’t go wrong whatsoever for 16GB for $67.

What’s hot:

  • The red and black design is quite nice
  • Fantastic value costing just $67 at Amazon
  • Operates at a low 1.2V of DRAM voltage
  • Lifetime warranty via TeamGroup

What’s not:

  • DDR4-2666 at CL18 won’t make full use of high-performance processors

With the cost of building a gaming system fluctuating daily due to graphics card and CPU pricing being somewhat unreliable, the T-Force T1 Gaming DDR4 is something that piques our interest for budget users. If you’re on a tight budget and are looking to purchase a new kit of DRAM for a new gaming system, the T-Force T1 DDR4-2666 CL18 kit offers spectacular value for money and easily wins our value award!

T-Force T1 value award

Thanks to TeamGroup for sending a sample of the T-Force T1 DDR4-2666 16GB kit in for review.

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