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  • Brand: Hanns.G
  • Model: HT231
  • Price: £188 (at time of review)

Hanns.G is the gaming brand of the HannStar Display Corporation which was initially formed in Taiwan in 1998.  With that being said, the primary focus on the Hanns.G brand has been to push the boundaries of conventional gaming monitors.  A lot of different companies have taken their own unique approach on what a gaming monitor should be like and Hanns.G is no different in this respect.

I have a different kind of monitor on my test bench, far from the conventional.  Today I will be taking a look at the Hanns.G 23” HT231 monitor which features touchscreen technology and a TFT LCD panel.  With Windows 8 being designed for this purpose, would it be nice to actually use the functionality of Metro on your home PC?  Let’s find out, starting with a little about Hanns.G and then the specifications…

A little bit about Hanns.G:

With advancements in technology, a new dawn has come for the lifestyle of the human race and world has now entered a Digital Age. Yet the relentless progress of technology seems to have allowed cold logic to overshadow people’s search for spiritual fulfilment. Hanns.G sees that consumers are wishing for quality in their life, so functional technology is now gifted with a rich palette of colours thanks to design aesthetics. Hanns.G products symbolize the spirit of Go Beyond to provide consumers with a whole new experience of technology; with its user-friendly interface, clean design and exceptional quality, it has surpassed consumer expectations and existing market standards. The aesthetics of technology have been redefined, creating a perfect combination of the sensible with the sensual within the products from Hanns.G.


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