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Having been sceptical when I was first asked to review a touchscreen monitor, how did the Hanns.G HT231 make me feel overall, is there room for improvement or is it the perfect package for someone looking to make the most out of Windows 8/8.1?

Starting with the performance, I do feel generally good about my experience with the HT231; it wasn’t the perfect monitor but then who defines what perfect actually is?  There was a little ghosting but nothing that I wouldn’t have expected there to be, in fact it had considerably less ghosting that I was expecting overall so that is certainly a plus point.  The colour reproduction was near picture perfect and for someone looking for a monitor for movies, gaming, and general use and with touchscreen capability will be hard pushed to find anything else in the HT231’s league in my opinion.  Out of the box it is setup very well and I had to make no adjustments to brightness or contrast before I finally calibrated it to the lighting environment in my office; this is the first that has needed no adjustment.

Moving onto the aesthetics and design, I feel the glossy screen ruined the overall feel for me and during games/movies, I could clearly see a mirrored image of me which isn’t good.  The stand was also aesthetically unpleasing to the eye and it kind of looks cheap/tacky to me.  Although I can understand why they made the stand the way they did, they could certainly have done a much nicer job as the monitor on the whole looks pretty awesome in my opinion and I feel the contrast of the glossy black bezels and matt black speaker fit together pretty well.

The HT231 does come with an in-built speaker but it sounded very tinny, had a distinct lass of bass so I recommend anyone expecting a lot from it, simply don’t.  With that being said, despite my opinion on the design flaws, the Hanns.G HT231 performed great and with impeccable touchscreen accuracy, you would be hard pushed to find a better solution at its current price point.

Coming in at £188, it isn’t cheap but for what you get in terms of features and spec is very reasonable.  There aren’t many options available on the market especially at this price point so it is nice to see one with impeccable colour reproduction and an accurate touch screen to boot.  It would have been nice to see some USB ports included and although the lack of portrait mode might be a concern to some, it has never been for me so I can’t mark it down on that aspect.

Overall the Hanns.G HT231 Touchscreen monitor has 1 or 2 flaws in my opinion but is still a fantastic offering for the price and anyone wanting to make use of the new Windows 8/8.1 operating systems feature Metro, then this monitor will bring the most from your operating system.  The touchscreen is very accurate and with amazing colour reproduction, gaming was a joy to behold on the monitor as well as watching films.

A big thanks to Hanns.G for the sample and I look forward to seeing more in the future.



  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


The Hanns.G HT231 touchscreen monitor is a real joy to use and if touchscreen is a requirement for you then look no further. The monitor itself narrowly missed out on the performance award due to having such a glossy screen but if that doesn’t bother you, then this monitor is the perfect one for you!

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