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I live in a 1960’s terraced property with quite old wiring, I thought this might be a stumbling point for my tests, however, the devices worked almost flawlessly. To get them working, you need to put one adapter in the same room as your router and connect it with an ethernet cable. The second adapter you can then put in another room or up/down stairs as needed and also connect this via ethernet. You then need to pair the devices by pressing the pair button on both adapters. Another good feature is the addition of a pass-through plug socket on the front of the device, meaning that you don’t loose a plug socket by using these, which is a nice touch.

I’ve had issues before with cheaper homeplugs and getting a stable connection, however, this was not a problem with these devices. The one that was plugged near my router, was plugged into an extension lead, whilst the other one upstairs was plugged directly into the wall. It worked the first time and without any drop outs or stability concerns. Next up comes the dreaded ping/speed tests. Again I was surprised as the results were almost identical both on my main PC downstairs (connected directly to the router via ethernet) and on my media server (connected to the homeplug).

Speed test from my main PC:

Wired Speed Test

Speed test and ping result from Media Server whilst connected via Homeplug:

Speedtest via Homeplug Ping from Homeplug

Speed test and ping result from Media Server whilst connected via Wi-Fi:

Ping via Wi-Fi

Ping via Wi-Fi

As you can see it’s a pretty close fight. Another thing to add, I live in a heavily congested Wi-Fi area so on some days the reliability of my Wi-Fi can vary. Although I got a slightly higher speed from wireless, generally browsing was a little more responsive from the plugs. Also another thing to note is that sometimes the results from Speedtest.net can vary anyway.

The next thing tested was file transfer speeds. It took  just over 4 minutes for me to copy a 4GB file via a direct connection to the router. Whilst connected to the plug it took longer at 4 minutes 45 seconds, so a little slower there. Performed the test again about an hour later and it was almost neck and neck. So again may have been down to possibly wiring or network congestion at the time, considering my router also handles all my other traffic to numerous devices in my household.

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