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Now we will conclude what we have found to be good and bad about the STRIX 2.0 gaming headset by ASUS and if the value factor of the headset is worth you throwing your hard earned money at. What we have here is a stereo, multi-platform headset for regular and mid-level gamers that are partially fixated on a sub £80 headset. With 2 microphone alternatives and generally good performance all around, we will now elaborate some details on what you need to know about this headset.

To start, it was a pleasure to have such a comfortable and surprisingly light headset hug my head softly while I played hours upon hours of games. Through my good streaks and mild to OTT anger outbursts, the STRIX headset kept on holding and performing to its expected level. Through the total testing time, not once have I felt uncomfortable wearing this headset or needed a few minute break to recover from the experience. With this said we are happy with the general set up on offer, the STRIX may be a little flash but when it comes down to the user experience I believe that ASUS has excelled.

Overall performance from the headset was pleasing but did seem to be lacking. Understandably, the headset is focused for gamers so studio style performance was not expected but even from a stereo headset we were wanting more of a “umph” for our cash. Personally, I love to listen to music while gaming, to really feel immersed and this headset was certainly not providing this experience. Generally, for gaming and communication software it was good enough to use but lacked once it came to any form of music.To put it bluntly, I have purchased £20 headphones with much better performance than the STRIX 2.0 and felt slightly disappointed in what it lacked. With this said, we were pleased with the headset boom and in-line microphone performance that really shone through when in use.

Build quality and aesthetically, the headset was a little creaky in places but generally constructed well in most places. The only fault we could find would be that the 90-degree rotation of the headphones, although a cool feature and helpful for transporting a large headset like this, did mean that a snug fit was not achievable unless pushing both sides inwards. This could be because of me having a very weird shaped face, but numerous reports from other users have stated that this design isn’t the greatest as no human face is flat on either side. Another point to add would be that if you push both earphone sections inwards to achieve this may result in a wheezing noise as the internal facing section of the individual earphone sucks air into the headset. Weird right?

The multi-platform transition was very easy and required no drivers at all. Simply plug and play, using the relevant headphone converter for platforms that require it and removing it when not needed. With use on many platforms, this ability opens the doors for gamers of many different gaming systems to be able to use it.

So, is the STRIX 2.0 worth the mid-level price tag? Well, it comes to two different questions of either “Are you wanting a general gaming headset?” or “Are you wanting an all around headset?”. For gaming, the STRIX 2.0 would be my choice for headset and something I would pack away if traveling to a mini-LAN style event. Otherwise, they would be left at home for use with my PC when relaxing and enjoying a few games with friends online. With reference to the above questions, we believe that the STRIX 2.0 is worth the price tag as a general gaming headset but not as an overall headset for use with multiple audio based platforms.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value - As a general gaming headset
  • Value - As an all around headset



– Very comfortable
– Mid-level price tag
– Cool design to follow on the STRIX genre
– Multi-platform support
– Plug and Play


– Slightly lacking in bass and sound can be very flat in places
– Lacking a little for music, but superb for gaming
– In-line control box in an unusual and annoying location

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