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Manufacturer: Cooler Master (CM Storm)
Model: Xornet
RRP: £14.23

Cooler Master was originally founded with the main mission of providing the industries best thermal solutions.  They have come a long way since they started over two decades ago but have remained faithful to their mission and are a world leader in products and services for companies dealing with heat issues.

While thermal solutions may be Cooler Masters main focus, they offer a wide range of products. For PC cooling they offer CPU coolers; both air and liquid, thermal paste and fans but the fun doesn’t stop there! Cooler Master also have their own line of cases, power supplies, peripherals and even some great mobile accessories.

As you can see they offer a nice range of products and today I will be taking a look at one of their peripherals in the way of the CM Storm Xornet. The Xornet is a very budget friendly gaming mouse that is aimed at FPS gamers that prefer a claw grip. It offers a 2,000 DPI and an ergonomically friendly design.

Before we have a closer look let’s take a peek at the specifications and a quick world on what Cooler Master has to say about the Xornet.

Model Number SGM-2001-BLON1
Available Color Black
Material Rubber Grip / ABS Plastic
Dimensions 107 x 75 x 35 mm / 4.2 x 4 x 1.3 inch
Net Weight 142 g / 0.313 lb
Sensor 2000 DPI Storm Tactical Optical Sensor
Maximum Tracking Speed 160 IPS
Maximum Acceleration 23 g
Polling Time 1.0 ms
Speed Measurement 2600 fps
Onboard Memory 8 KB
Form Factor Right Hand Ergonomic
Button Assignment 5 mouse buttons+ 2 fix function buttons
Weight System No

  • A Pure Gaming Experience
    The Xornet gaming mouse is lightweight, ergonomically designed and forged with a reassuringly solid design. It is built for professional FPS gamers that prefer a claw grip. Engineered to execute precise in-game tactics, Xornet comes loaded with a high-performance 2000 DPI sensor that includes on-the-fly adjustment, an ultra-step wheel encoder – providing extremely accurate scrolling, and Japanese-made Omron micro-switches that are meant to endure up to five million clicks. Presented in a eye-catching crimson stealth black high-gloss finish, Xornet lends its truly breathtaking appeal as the focal point of a gamer’s setup.


  • Precision Anti-Drift Control SensorXornet utilizes the latest high performance optical engine ensuring extreme stability and reliability. Based on an anti-drift architecture, it delivers stable and precise tracking in mouse lift and drop scenarios. Angle snapping can be enabled or disabled for exact swift crosshair movements enabling amazing skill-shots and incredible aiming accuracy.
  • Omron Micro Switches (5 million clicks)Only the best is good enough! Omrons patented ultra tactile micro switches enable unsurpassed tactile feedback and speed. You will be able to reach an incredible amount of clicks per second while still feeling and controlling every single click. Omron guarantees a minimum amount of 5 million clicks for these highest grade switches, giving Xornet an extended life-span even for hardcore gamers.
  • DPI On the FlyConveniently placed under the scroll wheel, you can switch the DPI resolution between 500, 1000 and 2000 within an instant.
  • Rubberized Anti-Slip DesignA Special sweat proof rubber compound on both sides of Xornet gives you maximum grip. Even in heated hour long matches and during quick lift and drop moves you retain full control while repositioning and racing Xornet over the mousepad.

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