HyperX Cloud Core Review

Manufacturer: HyperX
Model: Cloud Core
UK Price: £49.99 @ Amazon UK (At time of review)
US Price: $69.99 @ Amazon US (At time of review)

The HyperX Cloud Core gaming headset has a lot of good things going for it, but it’s not all “good” for those wanting an exceptional bargain. First of all, the bass is a little flat throughout different types of music such as EDM, hardstyle, dance music, metal, and hard rock. Double bass seemed a bit muddy and overall, the bass response just isn’t punchy enough in my humble opinion. Mid range and highs are actually superb, though, so if you’re more of a classical music fan or prefer vocals over drum and bass, then the Cloud Core from HyperX is certainly going to bode you well. Overall in gaming, the audio quality matches the price and my biggest disappointment is that it doesn’t “surpass” the value.

Design wise, the HyperX Cloud Core is a stunning headset and with an aluminium frame, the Cloud Core doesn’t only feel like a million bucks, but it looks it too. Thanks to the lightweight aluminium used, the headset is very light and is the perfect companion on long journeys; this is due to the lush amount of padding supplies and of course, the 3 pole 3.5mm jack which is suitable for any type of phone (which has a 3.5″ jack of course). The closed cup design means that playing music at high volumes doesn’t have much of an effect on other people, making this a great gaming headset to take to LANs or events! The HyperX Cloud core also features cross-compatibility support with PS4, Xbox One as well as PC.

Aside from the bass response, the HyperX Cloud Core delivers on multiple fronts and solidly deserves our Silver award. The highs and mids are fantastic and overall, for the price, the Cloud Core really does deserve to call itself part of the HyperX family. If you’re in the market for a reasonably priced gaming headset with enough quality to make it a worthwhile purchase, then make sure you grab a set! If you can however find a set of HyperX Cloud 2’s for cheaper, then definitely go for those…they have better bass reproduction!

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Huge thanks to TomTop for sending in the HyperX Cloud Core for review.

Click here to buy from TomTop – Use the code C2912 for an additional $20 off for a limited time only!


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– They look and feel great
– Comfortable gaming headset from a trusted brand
– Great mid range and high tones; perfect for vocals
– Compatible with PC, PS4 and Xbox One
– Microphone quality is also pretty good
– Are worth exactly what they cost to buy


– Poor bass response

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