Amazon Launchpad Announces Kickstarter Collection for UK

Luxemburg20 October 2016 – Amazon Launchpad has today announced the launch of the Kickstarter Collection (, featuring products by exciting new startups now available for purchase on Amazon Launchpad. Startups featured in the Kickstarter Collection include Gamely, SAM Labs and Musaic, among others.

Customers shopping the Kickstarter Collection can browse a variety of categories, including Electronics, Home & Kitchen, and Toys & Games, as well as themes such as STEM Products, Exquisite Objects, Inventing The Future, and Stay Connected.

“Startups from across Europe are always looking for new ways to bring their inventions to market, whilst our customers want to discover new, cutting-edge products for Christmas and beyond,” said Francois Saugier, Head of EU Seller Services, Amazon. “That is why we launched Amazon Launchpad to provide startups with the support they need to help bring their ideas to life, and by working with Kickstarter we will be increasing our selection for customers across Europe.”

Simon Johnson, Director of Seller Services UK, said: “The Amazon Launchpad program was launched in the UK a year ago to serve creators, inventors, and startups. Our goal is to enable them to reach Amazon’s hundreds of millions of customers and to overcome one of the biggest challenges any startup faces – bringing their product to market successfully.”

“Kickstarter helps independent creators find the resources, courage, and community they need to bring their creative projects to life,” said Yancey Strickler, CEO and Co-Founder of Kickstarter. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Amazon Launchpad on creating a new path for startups to launch their products and potentially be discovered by millions of new customers.”

Here are just a few of the startups in the Amazon Launchpad program who began their journey with Kickstarter:

  • Gamely: Randomise is a compact, family-friendly, fun-filled identity guessing game to be played with friends and family. After playing their homemade prototype for months, Hazel and Chris Reynolds raised £4,383 from 288 backers on Kickstarter as an attempt to bring their product to life and share all the fun they were having. “Amazon Launchpad has given us more visibility and the opportunity to be featured alongside other exciting products. It has also allowed us to participate in special marketing events, which has been fantastic for sales,” said Hazel Reynolds, Co-Founder of Gamely Ltd.
  • SAM Labs: SAM Labs is a London-based startup that makes kits of modular and wireless electronics blocks that connect to an app, helping to teach engineering, DIY and coding skills through fun connected toys. After raising $200,000 from over 800 backers on Kickstarter in September 2014, SAM Labs has now developed award winning products that are perfect for 7-14 year olds with curious minds. “Amazon Launchpad has been invaluable to SAM by helping us make sense of all the opportunities, optimise our pages, and gain visibility on Amazon,” said Joachim Horn, Founder of SAM Labs.
  • Musaic: Founded in May 2013 in London, Musaic is made up of a team of music lovers with tech backgrounds who have created a new music system designed to deliver exceptional sound quality. Successfully raising $100,000 on Kickstarter from 197 backers, the Musaic smart speakers work with Wi-Fi to stream music and connect with other devices to create a smart home that’s simple to set up and easy to manage. “Amazon Launchpad has given us a fantastic platform to launch our smart wireless HiFi system in the UK – it has allowed us to reach an audience of tech enthusiasts and early adopters and to communicate our story and products in a really personal and engaging way,” said Matthew Bramble, CEO & Co-Founder.

Amazon Launchpad works with capital firms, startup accelerators, and crowd-funding platforms to help startups launch innovative new products in the U.S., U.K., China, Germany, and France. New startups are joining the Amazon Launchpad program every day to overcome many of the challenges associated with launching new products, using Amazon’s retail expertise and infrastructure to create awareness and drive sales.

To learn more about the Amazon Launchpad program, visit

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