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Manufacturer: i-Rocks
Models: M05, K10, A05
Price:  M05 – £24, K10 – £21, A05 – £28

Hailing from Taiwan, i-Rocks Technology started out life as a simple OEM manufacturer. The company grew quickly and they began designing and producing a range of IT peripherals and accessories under their own brand.

As the company continues to grow they have adapted to market trends and focused on providing high quality products at a good price, aimed at ‘heavy users’ such as gamers and IT professionals. Their current range serves a broad spectrum of the market with everything from washable and wireless office keyboards, to gaming peripherals and even covers for i Pads.

Today we have something a bit different for you, with not one, not two, but three i-Rocks products on test. For your delectation, in no particular order, we have the M05 ‘Spirit Cocoon’ mouse, the K10 keyboard and the A05 headset.

The idea we want to try with this review is to provide a review for a ‘set up’ rather than a single product. So, whilst the review might be a tad more brief than it might be if I were to review all three separately, the idea is to let people get a feel for the i-Rocks brand. A lot of people like to stick to a brand for their gear as it’s nice to have a ‘matching set’ and that is the point here, what can you expect from i-Rocks for your hard earned cash?

Coming in at around £75 for today’s test group, we are looking at entry level kit, so does it strike the balance between features, aesthetics and price to win over gamers on a budget? Lets find out, starting with some specifications for our three test subjects:


M05 ‘Spirit Cocoon’ Mouse – 

Interface: USB

Adjustable DPI: 450/900/1800/3500

Adjustable Polling Rate (Hz): 125/250/500/1000

Power Consumption (mA): 150 (w/back light), 100 (w/o back light)

Dimensions (mm): 103 x 60 x 39

Cable Length (m): 1.8

K10 ‘Rock Series’ Keyboard – 

Interface: USB

Polling Rate (Hz): 1000

Key Count: 104

Key Stroke (mm): 3.8 ± 0.5

Actuation Force (g): 55 ± 15

Switch Life: 20 million key strokes

Cable length (m): 1.8

Dimensions (mm):  (L) 448 x (W) 148 x (H) 34

Weight (g): 1200

A05 ‘Rock Series’ Headset – 


Type: Closed back

Driver Size (mm): 40

Frequency Response (Hz): 20-20,000

Sensitivity (dB): 100

Impedance (ohms): 38

Cable Length (m): 1.2


Type: Noise Cancelling

Impedance (ohms): 2,200

Sensitivity (dB): -46 ± 3

Frequency (Hz): 100-10,000


Phew, that’s plenty of specs for now. Lets get on and start off by taking a good look at the K10 Keyboard…


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