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Packaging & Closer Look


Starting at the front of the box we can see that it is a quite an eye-catching design with the colour contrast and the window giving us a glimpse of the contents. The most interesting detail here however is the compatibility, these puppies will work with all relevant consoles (you’ll need a third-party adapter for your XBone) and PC which is impressive indeed.


The rear of the box is a bit more pedestrian with all the feature blurb you would expect in many languages.


Sliding out the contents we can see that we have the headphones themselves, a base station, a wire hanger for the headset, owners manual and a box of cables.


Here are the contents of said box with all the cables you need to get set up on your 360, PS3/4 and PC, a TOSLINK cable and, of course, the removable microphone.

Closer Look


Moving onto the headset itself we can see from the front that it is quite an angular design on the ear cups that is punctuated by the greyish ‘athletic mesh’ material that adorns the ear cups and the headband. I quite like the way the headset looks as I’m always a sucker for clean design.


Here is a top down look at the aforementioned headband, again it is nice and clean looking which I like but, of course, the piano black finish is a fingerprint magnet.


Here we have the right ear cup which features all the controls for the headset, although it looks a bit crammed in the photo when you are wearing it they are all pretty intuitive.


Here is the left ear cup which is obviously devoid of buttons but still looks fetching thanks to the clean design.


As you can see the ear cups swivel which is always a nice feature to have and the hinge feels nice and high quality.


The base station we have is quite large, but this is to help counterbalance the headset when the holder wire is being used I imagine. The mode button swaps audio inputs and the up and down arrows are pretty self-explanatory, but the headphone output is a nice bonus.


The rear of the base station is home to the inputs.


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