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Well what are my final impressions of the KG-300?

Starting with the good, I do like the way the headset looks thanks to the clean angular design of the ear cups and a lack of any tacky ‘gamey’ style branding, however while the piano black headband looks nice it’s a finger print magnet.

The sound quality is pretty good too, it’s hard to say whether it’s £150 good but it’s certainly good for a gaming headset and I was impressed by the punch of the 40mm drivers which made for a pretty immersive music and gaming experience.

The compatibility is great too, having support for all relevant consoles and PC is a great feature and is sure to simplify many setups, just remember you need an adapter for your Xbox One.

We must however also talk about the bad and the first negative is that the headset is limited in comfort due to the square ear cup pads and their thin padding, not to the point of being unwearable but certainly not as plush as they should be for the money.


The real downer though is the fact that the headset requires 3 AAA batteries instead of a plug and charge/play option or a rechargeable swap out battery pack. This really is a rubbish design decision, I got around 6 hours of playback out of the batteries in the box which really isn’t up to scratch for something that costs this much.

When all is said and done this is still a pretty nice headset and the compatibility really is great but the not quite there comfort levels and battery life would really turn me off a purchase personally. What we must consider though is that this is one of Klipsch’s first attempts at gaming hardware and really they’ve not got far to go to make the KG-300s a properly nice bit of kit.


I’d like to thank Klipsch for providing today’s sample and we look forward to seeing more from them in the future.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Awesome compatibility
– Great sound quality
– Wireless functionality
– Clean Design


– The square ear cups pads limit comfort

– Battery life is miserable thanks to having to use 3 AAAs, what a clanger in a £150 headset!

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