Mad Catz R.A.T TE Gaming Mouse Review


[section_title title=”Packaging”]Packaging

Starting at the front…

Package front

As we can see the TE comes in quite a compact box, around the outside of the box itself is a paper sleeve which is what we see here. In the top left we have talk of the mouse’s precision sensor, lightweight construction and the adjustment features. Moving to the right we have the Mad Catz logo, and taking centre stage we have a picture of the mouse itself. Towards the bottom on the left we find out about the 8200DPI laser sensor and in the bottom right we have our model name.

package sid

Moving on to the side and we can see it is mainly adorned with our specifications, which are all in the introduction so I wont go over them again.

package rear

At the rear we have talk of some of the main features of the mouse, such as programmable buttons, on the fly sensitivity adjustment and also the adjustable nature of the mouse.

package inside

Sliding off the paper sleeve we can see the box itself, which is a simplified version of the exterior.


Splitting the box into its two halves gives us our first look at the mouse. It is securely tucked in there so shouldn’t get damaged in transit, and its also nice to see a lack of clear plastic inside as it means you can get at the mouse right away.

package contents

Finally for the packaging we can see our contents, which is the mouse in its cardboard shell and a quick start guide.

The TE’s packaging is a good effort from Mad Catz in my opinion, no cheap plastic moldings and no twist ties mean you can get the mouse out easily without damaging the packaging.


Now lets move on and get a good look at the mouse itself…


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