Mad Catz R.A.T TE Gaming Mouse Review


[section_title title=”Closer Look”]Closer Look

Time to take a closer look at the R.A.T TE.

closer top

As you can see the TE closely resembles most of the R.A.T range, albeit with some subtle styling differences. The matte finish looks very nice and its soft to the touch but still fairly grippy. I really like the black and blue look, it looks a lot more clean next to some of the glossy R.A.T mice which look a bit cheap in my opinion. You can also see the wires inside are coated in blue clear plastic, and it looks really cool in my opinion and fits in well with the Sci-Fi style aesthetic.

closer lmb

Zooming in towards the top left of the mouse button the first thing that pops out is the ‘rapid fire’ motif on the left mouse button which is a reference to the highly responsive OMRON switches used in the TE. To the left of this we can also see the MODE button, which when the mouse is powered on glows red, blue and purple corresponding to which profile you are using. We can also see the large rubberized scroll wheel and below that the on the fly DPI switch.

closer left

Here we have the left hand side of the mouse. The first thing you will notice is the precision mode DPI switch which allows you to change the dpi without changing your grip on the mouse. Up and to the left of this is the DPI display light, which glows with up to four red bars according to what DPI setting the mouse is in. Back over to the right of the Precision button we can see our two thumb buttons.

closer right

There is nothing particularly of note on the right hand side of the mouse, but the finger rest is sculpted to fit your unused digits nicely.

closer adj

Looking at the underside of the mouse we can see the latch that allows you to extend the palm rest backwards through 5. 10 and 15mm.

closer extend

Here we have the palm rest at its full extension, as you can see it increases the size of the mouse significantly which is a cool feature in my opinion.

closer underside

Taking a look at the underside we first notice the translucent plastic shell which is an interesting touch. Right in the middle we see our 8200 DPI laser sensor which looks very inconspicuous for such a supposedly high performance bit of kit. Dotted around the edges we can see our super slippery PTFE feet and finally towards the left we can see the free floating scroll wheel, which looks pretty cool I think.

closer cable

Finally for our closer look we have the cable and connector. The connector itself is a custom shape with the Mad Catz logo which is a nice touch and the connector is gold plated which is always good to see. Lastly you notice the braided cable, which looks great and is very nicely done.

I really like the aesthetics of the R.A.T TE, it looks more grown up than its siblings but still retains some of the cool futuristic touches in what is an attractive package in my opinion.


Next up we’ll take a good look at the TE’s software and see what kind of options it has…


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