Mad Catz R.A.T TE Gaming Mouse Review


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Time for a look at the software Mad Catz offer for the R.A.T TE.

Software 1

Starting off with the button reprogramming and you can see we have a wealth of options here, being able to re program all the buttons (apart from the mode button) is great too. Now for me personally I don’t like to change sensitivity between hip/ads in FPS games so I have programmed the precision button to Z so I can use it for crouch instead as is my preference. As you can see there are so many different options for utilities on the programmable buttons that I don’t doubt anyone could get the mouse set up just so in terms of buttons.

On top of that it has three modes which you can switch on the fly which gives you so much customization, be it between different genres or specific games. I’m really impressed with the amount of care put into this facility by Mad Catz.

Software 2

Moving on to the settings menu and our first option is to change the DPI settings. Now I, like most I should imagine, don’t have any use whatsoever for 8200 DPI so its a pretty essential feature to be able to change this. The nice thing here is that with four different stages you can have a good range of DPI settings which again is really handy, combined with the easy to reach on the fly DPI switcher the TE will serve you well regardless of desired sensitivity.

Software 3

The next setting is pretty simple, you would want to turn the DPI switch off to re program it to other keys.

Software 4

Next up is the Precision Aim Function. As you can see you can change it from 0-100% for plenty of tweaking for those that use it. For me personally I don’t but it is perfect for me as a crouch binding, so all I have to do here is turn it down to 0% which allows me to use it for crouch without altering my sensitivity which is great.

Software 5

We have some power saving settings too, which is interesting for laptop users. What this controls is the time it takes the sensor to sleep to save power, with the low, med and high corresponding to longer waiting periods before sleep. When plugged into a desktop the sensor runs at full power all the time.

Software 6

Here we have the ability to customize lift off distance, which is an awesome option. I have followed the advice and gone for 0.5mm as I am using a cloth mouse mat, but I don’t like an overly high lift off point.

Software 7

Finally there is the ability to enable or disable sensor damping. Its good to have, but equally good to have the option to turn it off. Again I have followed advice and set it to high for my cloth mouse mat. You can also see we have a button to take us right to the windows mouse settings too which is handy.

So, I really like the TE’s software, its really easy to navigate and there is a shed load of customization to be had. I’d say it was a reference that other manufactures should heed in terms of elegance and ease of use.


Moving on to the main attraction, how does the R.A.T TE perform?

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