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Like all gaming mice, the Theron ships with its own software suite to allow you to customise the performance characteristics, function and in the Theron’s case, its looks too.

Thermaltake don’t deliver an all in one suite or, arguably, anything resembling coherence across their lines so the Theron’s software is a bit clunky and garrish on the surface. Commands and functions are applied by a series of dropdown boxes once you’ve highlighted one of eight configurable buttons. The system isn’t the most elegant but I’ve definitely encountered worse offenders. ‘Battle’ mode is that where the LED lights pulse to the rate of your clicking to add a bit of atmosphere to your play sessions.

Relating back to the point about Thermaltake not having a coherent look to their software, below is the Black’s splash screen – the Theron above looks completely different from the Tt eSport Black and arguably a bit worse – for example:

I think it’s fair to say that from a UI perspective, it’s hard to argue that getting to what you want on the Black looks a lot easier than on the Theron.

The DPI customisation window is actually quite functional and as well presented as a DPI customising screen could be. Everything is plainly labelled and easy to change. ‘Only’ having 4 DPI levels isn’t an issue for me personally, although if you feel you need more than four then the Theron might best be avoided.

Next up is the macro screen.

The usual macro options are here including the ability to insert specific commands into your recording and control latency between key presses. Below is the options within the ‘Commands’ drop down box.

Last but not least is the LED control panel. On the Theron you have the ability to have the light switched on or off including the logo – something that wasn’t possible with the Tt eSports Black.

 The Theron’s software, then, is a bit of a mess much like the Black was. Thermaltake really need get a lid on this, especially when the less-featured of the mice I’ve reviewed from there has a more comprehensive and functional software suite.


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