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The Theron is an interesting proposition brought forward by Thermaltake, I feel, and for more than one reason.

Firstly, the hardware itself is actually quite good. The mouse feels great, if not comfortable for the most part, except when you have to call on the key gaming function of DPI switching. For me, the Theron is the ideal FPS mouse the Black claimed to be – minus questionable DPI button placement – and not the RTS mouse Thermaltake want it to be. At the lowest level it excels in FPS play thanks to its excellent tracking and pickup, quick responsive buttons and feedback and easy to use shape. For any serious RTS gaming, you would certainly need more buttons I would think, if not a better software solution to configure those buttons which leads me into my next point.

The software implementation itself leave something to be desired as its aesthetics get in the way of the functionality and is rather odd when compared to the superior suite offered up by the cheaper mouse form the same company. Having certain features such as profile assignment locked out on the software side due to a, really quite bad, hardware implementation is odd.

If you can forgive the software side of things (although the important sections such as DPI control is fine) the Theron is worth a look, if not, then really looks elsewhere at any cost. The cost of the Theron at £40-50 isn’t cheap, either, and to be perfectly honest, there are better mice at the same price or slightly dearer with un-questionable hardware designs and software suites that aren’t the product of a hyper-active nightmare.

To wrap up then, if you can find a Theron for around the £40 it may be worth your time. The sensor and basic functionality is great, and if you can adapt to the DPI button placement even better, but the truth is that there are products out there that would be worth your time £10 either side of the Theron’s asking price which is the most important thing, really, it does nothing to make you feel this should be the mouse you buy at £40.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


Reasonable mouse at £40 but does nothing to make it’s price-tag worthwhile. Ten pounds either side of the Theron’s RRP will net you a better mouse or a more value-for-your-money one – including Thermaltake’s own Tt eSports Black.

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