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Having used the Fractal Design Newton R3 600w power supply pretty extensively over the past week (with 3 different rigs in total!), has it done enough to impress me and does it represents good value for money?

In terms of performance the Newton R3 600w power supply delivers the required voltages on each of the rails (3.3v/5v/12v).  The amperage across the rails is plentiful for a power supply this size and there should be no issues upon overloading; unless of course you are using too many power hungry components in which case you will need a higher rated wattage anyway!  The 3.3v and 5v rails have 20A per rail and the main 12V rail has an impressive 50A.  Overall the Newton R3 600w pretty much replicates the results of the Newton R3 800w I previously tested making this a good performer.

With its semi-passive fan the power supply itself is silent and even when load is placed upon it (66% load) the Newton R3 600w was particularly silent.  This is a good result especially as the power supply uses one of Fractal Designs cooling fans to keep the unit cool when in operation.

Connectivity is a huge strong point here also as even though it is a 600w power supply, you do have the capability of running CF/SLI setups but please remember, this is a 600w PSU and it isn’t recommended to run such configurations such as 2 x R9 290x/2 x 780Ti etc.  Of course you would probably get away with the likes of 2 x 270x in Crossfire but that is the absolute maximum I would consider on a 600w PSU; it could probably do it but would you risk it?

Touching more on the price, you can get one of these beauties for around £100 meaning although it surely isn’t the most cost effective power supply on the market, it does stack up quite well with other 80PLUS Platinum rated power supplies.  If you are in the market for a Platinum rated PSU and can’t make do with a Bronze/Silver/Gold, then the Fractal Design is very competitive.  With that being said, a 600w power supply is in the cusp of 2 different ranges; the overkill for a single GPU setup and potentially not enough for CF/SLI.  I will let you make your own minds up but for CF/SLI setups I would recommend at least 750w, especially if you are overclocking.

Overall the Fractal Design Newton R3 600w power supply ticks all the concurrent boxes, it is stylish, has probably the best packaging of any power supply series I have come across so far.  Combine that with a competitive price and a striking black/white contrasting theme and you have a power supply that is worth owning.  Adding one of these little bad boys to your shopping list when upgrading/building a new system will surely not be a notion you will regret!

Big thanks to Fractal Design for the sample and I look forward to seeing more in the near future.

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The Newton R3 600w power supply is another fine example of not only what a power supply should look like, but how the full package should be. With official Crossfire support and it’s 80PLUS Platinum certification, what more could you ask for? Of course a lower price would be desirable but you get what you pay for and if you are looking for a solid, well performing and top quality 600w PSU, make sure you check out the Newton R3!

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