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Savage is gonna get you!


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When HyperX asked me to take a look at their latest 2.5” 7mm SSD, I was actually a little intrigued as both of their last variations did little to impress me; today is a different day and with that being said, is the HyperX Savage the best SSD 2015?  Well that would be a pretty bold claim but I can’t see it being far off…


Oh HyperX, where have you been hiding this little beauty?  Compared to the older 4K and even their “budget” Fury SSD, the Savage literally tears them apart, chip by chip.  As you can see from the performance testing, my entire thought process on HyperX SSDs has been turned in a single day which isn’t an easy task; everyone who knows me knows how opinionated I am and I stand by that.  Since Kingston/HyperX decided to drop the old SandForce 2281 controller which they have used previously and settled for the more advanced, more reliable and better performing Phison S10 quad core controller, they have clearly stepped up their game; improving technology is a cornerstone of the industry and those who continue to use old technology, eventually get left behind.

HyperX Savage 240GB SSD 8


Solid State Drives or SSDs as they are more widely known usually don’t “need” to be good looking or fancy as most of them are hidden away in HDD bays etc.; unless you are of course modding or your case has a special mount designed to show off your drive included!  That being said, I love the weighty, metal and borderline sexy striking red colour scheme on the HyperX Savage.  Obviously design isn’t just about looks and with a 2.5” SSD, there isn’t a lot else other than the casing on the outside; unless you want to void your warranty and open them up which would be crazy; you want to lose 3 years of warranty?  You mad?


Probably the only downside to the HyperX Savage 240GB SSD is the price; £93.31 is a lot of money for a 240GB drive especially when Crucial have 250GB drives with slightly more storage space and of course come in at around £30 cheaper; a 1/3rd cheaper is nothing to be sniffed at whatsoever and with only a 3 year warranty, it’s hard to recommend the Savage based on price.

Final Verdict

Overall the HyperX Savage is a gold standard drive and although the performance is absolutely top notch, there are a few pitfalls many led at the front by the expensive price tag HyperX have thrown on this drive.  Forgetting about the price for a second, the HyperX Savage SSD (at time of this review) absolutely beasted the SanDisk Extreme PRO 480GB drive in our 4.75GB transfer test; real world performance is what counts right?  If you are in the market for a premium feeling, premium looking and premium performance drive, the Savage is surely not going to disappoint you; unless of course you are on a budget then you might cry yourself to sleep!



Gold Award – I had wondered about awards today and although the price is probably going to put bargain hunters off, the product itself is absolutely well-rounded beast of an SSD; Savage has bitten a piece of my heart and cemented itself a gold award; naturally!

Performance Award – Not something I would have considered over the past 12 months, but HyperX really deserve the performance award today with the Savage.  With some of the top performing drives might be crying in the corner because Savage has chewed them up and spat them out; HyperX are going to be loving it and more importantly, you should too!

Huge thanks to HyperX for sending this gorgeous SSD in for review and I look forward to seeing more in the future!


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Best 7mm HyperX drive yet!
– Looks and feels like a premium drive
– Solid performance


– Quite expensive for a “mid-range” SSD
– Not far off the pricing of the Samsung 850 PRO which features 7 years more warranty

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