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Closer Look R3.0 G2

Starting off with a quick look at the packaging and on the front, we can get a look at the actual USB drive itself, as well as being able to see all the relevant information we would need to know. This drive is 16GB and works on USB 3.0 / 2.0 and is shock/water-resistant, a couple of nice features to see in a USB drive.



As mentioned, the  R3.0 G2 is shock/water-resistant and as such has a nice rubber coating around it. the overall colour of the USB is black, with blue accenting that definitely helps to give it a distinguished look. The R3.0 G2 will be easy to spot in a drawer should you have other USB drives in there as well.

On what I would consider to be the front side of the drive, users will find the model name, capacity and there is also a sort of hologram image of the Kingston head logo. On the back, just the Kingston and FCC logos to be found, nothing too interesting.




Taking the cap off reveals the USB3 connector that you will use to connect the drive to your PC and or laptop. Please note, in order for this drive to be water/shock-resistant as stated, you will need to make sure the cap is on securely.


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