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Closer Look Ultimate 3.0 G3

The Ultimate 3.0 G3 packaging is very similar to the R3.0 G2 except for the fact that is in blister packaging. On the front, users will be able to get a first-hand look at the Ultimate 3.0 G3 itself as well as being able to find all the information regarding speeds and capacity. Users will also notice in the bottom right, there is a seal stating that this drive comes with a 5-year warranty. There is a bit more information on the back of the packaging, but nothing really exciting.

Kingston Datatraveler ultimate g3 USB 3

Kingston Datatraveler ultimate g3 USB 3_1

The first thing I thought when I got the drive out of the packaging is that it is solid as a brick. Next, I had a look at the metal tag hanging off the back that almost looks like the end of key, though it is not. The main part of the drive is silver and has a sort of sparkle to it.


The front of the drive has the model name, capacity and, of course, the Kingston logo while the back of the drive is completely blank. To reveal the USB3 connector, simply slide one end towards the other, as to cover up the white part if you will, and the USB3 connector will reveal itself.

One thing we are starting to see more and more, which I am a fan of is the fact that the USB3 connectors can be covered by the drive itself. What I mean is, more and more drives are coming without removable covers that used to cover the USB3 connector. Instead, the drive is made to slide one way or the other to reveal the connector, or to hide it and protect it.




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