Lexar Professional Workflow HR1 - UR1 - SR2 and DD512 Review 25

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Today we have something of a unique product from the folks at Lexar. The Lexar Professional Workflow line of products are designed to give users a mass of storage options all from a single hub. The Workflow HR1 is the main hub of it all which all the other products will connect to. The modular design of the HR1 will allow users to purchase different card readers and even USB 3.0 storage drives to customize everything to their liking. The HR1 itself is USB3.0 based as well, but if you are looking to make use of the Thunderbolt connection then you can purchase the HR2.

The general idea of the Lexar Workflow products is to allow users to customize their storage options to help aid in their productivity. With a few different card readers and storage devices each available, users can easily backup and send files from one storage device to another. This will come in handy for those with multiple SD based storage cards that are looking to quickly offload their files from said card so they can get back to work. Also, the storage drives can utilize read transfer speeds up to 450MB/s and write speeds up to 245MB/s so will make a great all around portable storage drive, with or without the hub!

Closer Look HR1

As mentioned, the HR1 is the hub of it all, this is where everything will connect and will essentially allow you to make the most out of the Professional Workflow line of products. However, it is worth noting that at least with the USB3.0 compatible drives, they can also be used as a standalone storage device and all come with an included USB3.0 Cable that we will take a look at in a bit.

The packaging for all the devices is rather similar. On the front, we can easily see they are Lexar Professional products are their plastic packaging allows use to get a first-hand look at the product, something that is quite pleasing to me. The back of the packages are going to offer a bit more information on which specific product you are looking at is designed for.



One of the first things I noticed when getting everything for the HR1 out of its packaging was the charger. It was nice to see they included both UK and EU, options are always a good thing. As the HR1 is the hub and is designed to power and access multiple storage drives it does need the power plugged in to be used, it also comes with a USB3.0 cable to connect it your PC or Laptop of choice so you can enjoy those nice fast speeds!


The front of the HR1 hub features four bays that have removable covers on them to not only help keep dust out, but to also leave things looking a bit better than if they were all open.  Removing the covers will allow users to easily plug in the different bays into the HR1 hub so they can utilize them as they were designed.



All of the individual drives can be plugged into any of the bays available and you can use as many, or, as little as you would like! This leaves users will plenty of options to customize their Lexar Professional Workflow to their needs.



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