Gigabyte P27 Notebook Review


[section_title title=”Closer Look”] Closer Look

The P27 packaging is quite an understated affair for a gaming laptop. Ignoring the Marmite Orange offering that you can get the P27 in, the box itself is quite well designed professional looking.



The rear of the packaging is mirrored and identical to the front.

With the packaging opened up we get our first view of the P27 itself. As you can see, the notebook is well secured in the felt cover as well as the foam supports which sit flush within the box itself leaving little room for the P27 to bounce around during transit.


With the outer materials removed we can get a real feel for the aesthetics Gigabyte are shooting for with the P27. The notebook, much to my surprise, is extremely pleasing on the eye given it’s necessary size and target market.


The underside of the Gigabyte P27 is fairly low key and the feet themselves aren’t as high up as I expected to help aid with cooling. This could prove to be a problem in the long term.


The strong angular lines of the chassis are much more noticeable and pronounced when looking at the laptop’s side profile.


Similar to the underside, the rear of the laptop is surprisingly sparse and the exhaust port on the back isn’t much wider than one you’d have on the back of an I/O strewn  desktop GPU.


Our model ships with  DVD drive but it is possible to have a Blu-Ray based P27 shipped if you so desire.


A shot of the P27’s keyboard and chiclet style keys.


Being an Nvidia based notebook, the P27 supports Nvidia’s Optimus GPU switching technology at the push of a button. Orange glow indicates that the GTX 765M being put to work and active.

The green light means Intel’s 4600 IGP is doing the heavy lifting where visuals are concerned and thus will extend your battery life. The switching process was extremely fast, which is a hefty improvement from previous Optimus iterations.


Last but not least, the jet-like angles in all their glory.


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