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Recently Play3r got the amazing opportunity to work with a company producing some content that’s a little different to the usual tech hardware and game reviews we often do. Today we are going to be talking about an awesome desk we got sent from Piranha, we plan on doing a few things with this desk, but firstly we’re going to give our thoughts on the product and the general setup. But let’s start this article off with a time-lapse showing me building the desk!


Firstly lets talk about the price, because that’s the best bit about this desk. The Regal desk costs just £117.95 (for the black version) from their website, you can find more information or buy the product here. Taking the price into consideration and looking at other products on the internet these desks are incredibly cheap, and few other desks at this price range feature such a sturdy design. The particular model that we received as a product sample features a high-quality metal subframe that the panels simply lay across making this desk easy to build and pack away.


However, let’s start off with the finished product, as you can see this really isn’t a small desk, in fact it takes up a huge amount of space (something I didn’t take into consideration before requesting this particular one) meaning you’ve got a huge amount of space to work with. The desk can also have the side draws relocated to the other side which makes it great if you plan on buying more than and means it can be positioned easily for your needs regardless of the room. Now we loved the fact this desk is a main corner piece and two smaller end pieces because you can put your computer or printer on the ends and have enough space for a triple monitor setup on the corner section.


I talked briefly about the subframe of the desk, we believe it was designed this way to enable flat packing, but the end result is sturdy and doesn’t take up a huge amount of space compared to one piece desks that are often heavy and impossible to move. The frame is all interconnected to provide a strong base to lay the top panels over, also making it very sturdy should you wish to put those heavy items on your desk, we would even go as far to say the Regal could happily live with a Caselabs Magnum ontop of it. Its also worth noting that its like Piranha has created a desk made for the true gamer who wants a clean and tidy setup, you can simply buy cable tidies and route them on the subframe all the way around your desk meaning a clean desk.


The panels are then simply screwed onto the frame, and from there the only thing that is left is to do it attach the draws. As you can probably expect with flat pack furniture, the draws are relatively easy to put together, but making this drawer section is definitely the most time-consuming part. Luckily Pirahna have chosen in the instructions to have you do this first so it’s done and dusted.


So with the desk together, what did we think of the end product? Well, we wanted to review this product in the eyes of a gamer, not the everyday computer user. Can this desk fit an EATX case and several 27″ monitors? The answer is yes and no, whilst we loved the layout of the desk the depth is the one thing that is lacking for a truly immersive experience, however it does provide a huge amount of space that most people will be happy with the working surface of 151.5cm x 143.5cm along the back edges (59.6″ x 56.5″) and 75cm (29.5″”) high. Basically if your using large monitors you may end up sitting close to them, however it shouldn’t be a problem unless your using super bright, super large screens that dominate your vision however its something to take into consideration before buying the desk..

We really also liked the comfort of the desk and the spacing of the centre panel which wasn’t small like some corner desks are, making it either either uncomfortable or a nuisance with larger office chairs. In fact it was pretty much a perfect environment to use a mouse and keyboard with a large mousemat. Sometimes desks struggle with bigger mousemats like the QCK+ Heavy, and larger keyboards, but you’ll be happy to know this can fit what you need with ease.


In our eyes, the Piranha brand is one that we highly recommend, and we can’t wait to write a few more articles using some of their furniture, perhaps three ITX computers in the draws? Overall we found the build straightforward, and the quality was on par with what we expected, and what we would expect as a potential customer. Now in terms of our obvious gaming audience, we think that each and every person using some sort of weird hack job desk, will not only love this desk, but they’ll be telling all of their friends about it. It really is a one of a kind product that sets itself apart with ease, I’d also recommend Piranha for the fact that they actually give 25% of their profits towards charity, you can read about that on their website here. We’ll see what the future brings! You can find out more about the company, and their products here.



Aesthetically pleasing, works very well, with zero configuration means I give our Gold Award. Good job guys

  • Editors choice – The REGAL desk from Piranha furniture is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new corner desk. Even though this desk isn’t targeted at anyone in particular you will be pleased to find it ticks a lot of the boxes everyone will be looking for; looks, quality, easy installation and a great price are all well looked after here. The REGAL looks excellent, is relatively straightforward to put together, built with strong quality materials and comes in at a very affordable price! Look no further.
  • Gold award – Ikea better watch out, Piranha are coming for you!

Bottom line – Sturdy, well built, suited for your next gaming hideout desk.


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