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Audio/Graphics & Conclusion

I really loved the audio in this game, I think it’s right up with there with the best they have done to date. I feel that Connor’s voice actor did a great job at playing the native American assassin, mostly because the young man is actually native American himself, so all credit due to Ubisoft for finding someone who could do the voice justice. I loved Achilles Davenport and Haytham Kenway’s voice actors and they both did a great job support voicing, and I would personally love for both to have their own games due to these roles.


The graphics in this game are MUCH better than all the Assassin’s Creed games before it, and it really shows. When you’re running around the forest, or going through the little downs, and on the ship, you will notice the improvement with everything around you, and even in character models of NPC’s as well as the main characters. I personally believe the reason behind it was because they wanted to add a lot more battle scenes and to do this effectively, improving graphics was a must. This is a truly beautiful game to stick on ultra on your PC, and you’ll have a great adventure when you get this beauty installed to your PC, and at £15, where’s the harm in it? (or get it on a Steam sale!).



At this point, Ubisoft has released 5 Assassin’s Creed games, and I personally feel that all games are worth playing. This is an essential addition to your Steam library, even in 2015 it’s a game worth your time, the story is great, the graphics are fantastic and you can tomahawk people, so get your ass on it! There are more Desmond sections in this game, and while I hate Desmond sections I didn’t mind them quite as much this time and got through them quickly enough, so he didn’t really annoy me much this time around, thanks, Ubisoft!


  • Audio
  • Controls
  • Design
  • Graphics
  • Value



  • Story in the animus is an interesting alternative history.
  • Gameplay is great and easy to get into.
  • Value for money!
  • America is a great setting.
  • Playing as Connor is a welcome change to the series!
  • Multiplayer adds more value to this game than previous titles!
  • Cons:

  • Leaving the Animus for Desmond’s story is yet again extremely annoying.
  • Not enough enemy types again.
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