Batman: Arkham Knight - Finally Worth Playing? 1

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Developer: Rocksteady Studios
Game: Batman: Arkham Knight

To say this game released to total anarchy would be just the perfect statement, when Arkham Knight released there were all kinds of PC problems. For people it constantly crashed, the fps was going around to all sorts of terrible, massive glitching, or the game just didn’t launch at all, which caused major problems at release, so much so it still has a mixed review on Steam to this day. I was one of the seemingly very few people who bought this game on launch and played it with¬†little or no problems whatsoever, so I actually had to look around at others videos to see what the problems really were. Thankfully nowadays the game has been patched and runs well but to some people maybe it’s simply the case of too little, too late; the damage has already been done for many. I guess my job now is to sway you to go the other way and have a look at this game for possibly playing in the future should it be on sale at some point.

We will be going into spoiler territory for the last Rocksteady developed game here, so beware if you never played Batman: Arkham City. The game begins with The Joker’s cremation, which goes to prove that he actually¬†DID die at the end of Arkham City, and there was no crazy theory that was correct to making him survive somehow. We also eventually find out the new villain in this game is a man simply known as the Arkham Knight, who is shrouded in mystery as to who he is… Having the guts to bring in a new villain and kill off one who is also a legendary villain is a monumental task, and Rocksteady went ahead and delivered really well with this. Of course with a new Batman game comes a ton of DLC, and a lot of it is rather cheap that gives you additional skins and story packs, there is a Season Pass which I believe gives you all of it, but if you were to buy it all yourself, it would cost around the same, or you could simply pick and choose which DLC is better for you.

This game obviously didn’t release well, I would actually rate it as one of the worst launch titles on PC I’ve personally heard of in quite a while. The dedication that Rocksteady had to not only repair the title but refund people who didn’t want anything to do with it any longer is admirable and is a perfect example of how AAA developers should handle problems with their releases, and the game now is perfectly playable and is rather cheap compared to other AAA games out there.

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