UK Bench Meet, Sheffield (February 26th – 28th 2016) - Fun With 1000L of LN2!!!

1000L of LN2, some of the UKs best benchers and a weekend of fun.

The first official UK bench meet in over 2 years is happening in Sheffield on the weekend of the 26th of February.

This is a simple BYOC bench meet held at the portal in Sheffield, a well established LAN venue. This means that we will also have plenty of gaming going on over the course of the weekend for those who are not interested or just wish to take a break from benching.

Max capacity for the event is 30 benchers with room for another 30 gamers.

Price is £30 for LN2 benching and LAN whilst LAN only is £20. (Bargain if you ask me!)

The event will be held at The Portal in Sheffield which is one of our favorite venues and sleeping will be available at the venue inclusive of the price; shower facilities are also on site, but you are advised to bring a sleeping bag, pillows, and/or duvet.

We will be offering help and advice over the course of the weekend for those who are new to LN2 benching and may require some assistance in getting started. We will also have some spare parts such as LN2 pots, thermometers, PSUs, RAM etc but please bring what you can as parts are limited.

We are also still on the look-out for potential sponsors for the event which should allow for a greater experience for all.

Keep your eyes peeled for further updates on how to get tickets and of course regarding event information.

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