Gear4 Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker Review 1

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Manufacturer: Gear4
Model: Soundwave
UK Price: £40 at (At the time of review)
US Price: N/A

For millennia humans have expressed themselves through the love of playing and listening to music, and that shows no signs of changing – although musical taste is constantly evolving. Even though we might not all be musical geniuses we can appreciate the talent of others and receive the fruits of their labour through TV, Radio, MP3 players and the internet. But while we have such a diverse range of media to receive music, the way it’s presented to us through headset and speakers can make the same song sound amazing or truly horrid. And it’s speakers I wish to bring to your attention today, or at least a specific speaker, the Gear4 Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker.

Now, you might not have heard much about Gear4 and that’s not a surprise as they are relatively new, but with an expanding line-up of speakers as well as mobile phone cases featuring 3DO technology they are not going to be going away any time soon. While having the licence for a proven phone case component may make that branch of the company a household name in the future, it’s a bit more involved for the speaker development side… So I’m going to give the Soundwave a good going over to find all of it’s good, bad and ugly points so you don’t have to.

Before we get on to the full review, lets take a look at the specifications, or at least the features, since the specifications are not listed on either the box, paperwork or product website.


  • 6 hour rechargeable battery
  • Soft touch finish
  • 10m bluetooth range
  • AUX in 3.5mm socket
  • Stereo Sound
  • Passive bass radiator
  • Micro-USB charging
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