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Summing up we have a large, heavy, well made speaker that frankly sounds terrible and the battery¬†doesn’t last long enough.

That might be the shortest conclusion ever written aside from on a Steam or Amazon review but it really is my feeling from almost two months of testing. I’ve tried and tried to find it’s good points and the Gear4 Soundwave had such potential with it’s glorious body as I took it from the packaging and feeling the weight that should have been drivers and batteries but whatever it’s made from it sure doesn’t help it. The muffled bass and muted mid tones leaving an eerie, hollow reproduction of a song that you know sounds great on any other speakers you’ve had in the past.

The Soundwave is just a bit too heavy to consider it portable which does work in its favour – if you want a speaker for a room that you can leave plugged into a power supply and you will only be using for something like audio books or the television then this speaker does fill the requirements, so there is a market for it – albeit a rather small and specific market as far as I am concerned. Let’s not also forget that it is well made and looks good, and the inclusion of separate control buttons for pause/play, track control and volume makes it ideal for a less techy audience. Yet I still feel that it misses too much for what it gives back, a speaker has a rather obvious job to do and if it doesn’t do it well enough then move on to the next one and that is what I would recommend you do in this case.

Gear4 Soundwave attached to tv


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



  • Connectivity works perfectly.
  • Separate volume and track controls are something I think every speaker should have.
  • Good looking and lovely feeling soft touch finish.
  • Cons:

  • 6 hour battery.
  • It sounds terrible, almost no bass and hollow sound reproduction.
  • Too big and heavy to be portable.
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