In what I’m saying is the “price to performance benchmark USB microphone”, Tonor has sent over the TC-777 for today’s review. Watch the video review to find out why I think so…

Tonor TC-777 Microphone: Specifications

Tonor TC-777 Microphone: Video Review

Tonor TC-777 Microphone: Roundup

Externally, the Tonor TC-777 comes in a very nice looking dark blue matt plastic shell with the Tonor logo indicating the front of the microphone. A small chrome plastic ring can be found above the logo which provides some nice accenting and the black metal grill completes the look up top. Note, the logo indicates the front and should be pointed towards you when in use.

It comes with a 150cm or 5ft cable and terminates with a type-A USB 2.0 connector.

Setting it up out of the box was easy. The microphone itself is plug and go, so there’s no annoying setup regarding drivers.
The microphone mount screws into the tripod using a 5/8” screw adapter which you’d typically find on other microphones like the blue yeti, for example. This is good to know as it also enables the mount to be added to tripods or desk mounts using a 3/8” to 5/8” adapter if wanted.

The tripod has 3 rubber feet which add grip to wherever you choose to use it. Which is another small but nice touch to the overall feel of the TC-777 kit.

The mount itself is a small plastic housing and implements black rubber bands which suspend the microphone in place, helping minimise noise caused by vibrations, and adding the pop filter is as simple as screwing it in until it’s tight.

Worth mentioning here is the position of the microphone in the mount out of the box. I’d recommend spinning it 180° so it faces the other way. The reason for this is it’s a side-on microphone and not top-down. Meaning you talk into it with the logo pointing towards your face.
Whilst on my desk I noticed it picked up my voice much better being pointed up towards my mouth than pointed towards my chest.

Additionally, I’d recommend this be used as close to you as possible with it being no more than 8” away from your face, with it ideally being sat on the edge of your desk while in use to minimise keyboard and mouse clicks where possible.

Inevitably, with it sat on the desk you are a lot more prone to hearing keyboard, mouse and the occasional gamer-rage desk slam than with it being mounted on an arm. But it’s best practice to minimise as much of that noise as possible.

Asking price for the Tonor TC-777 microphone is just £34.99 making it one of the cheapest microphones we’ve seen here at Play3r.

Final thoughts then, the Tonor TC-777 is a price to performance benchmark! An all-in-one microphone bundle out of the box that delivers good quality, clear vocals after a slight volume adjustment, of course. It’s perfect for anyone constantly on the move as it packs up into a small profile, as well as gamers and streamers, or anyone else at home who needs a simple video chat application microphone.

In my opinion, it’s a very good value for money option and certainly deserves your consideration if you are looking for an affordable microphone to replace laptop or headset options.

Thanks to Tonor for sending the TC-777 in for review.

What’s hot:

  • Small compact profile
  • Clean overall aesthetic
  • Great value
  • Plug and play

What’s not:

  • Would like to see the cable extended to 6ft
  • 100% volume has too much static, recommend 80%


You can find the TC-777 on Amazon:

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