BitFenix Aegis Review

Are we now in the age of the "Aegis"?


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Closer Look: Exterior

The main event, what you are all here to see. The girl in all her blue glory. We’ll start with some images of the outside of the case. The front panel is a solid darkened plastic panel hiding the ICON display. It gives the case a very smart look but is quite reflective.

aegis-outside (2)

A view with the side panel, the side panel window is very large and allows you to view everything inside the case. I’m personally a big fan of the larger windows when the layout is well designed. So far so good BitFenix.

aegis-outside (1)

The left side panel. Cable management was fairly do-able in the Aegis once the layout had been predetermined. It did, however, require me to lay the case on its side and squeeze the panel into place in somewhat typical BitFenix¬†fashion. However, it’s all done and tidy so it’s doing its job.

aegis-outside (3)

The top panel. Here is where you will find the front IO. Consisting of a 3-speed 4-way 3-pin fan controller, a bit of a mouthful, as well as large power button under the Bitfenix logo and small ‘R’ reset button. Also on offer is 3 USB3 ports and an HD audio headphone and microphone jack. Finally, white power and HDD indicator LED’s are also included.

aegis-outside (5)

A more close-up shot of the IO panel. The fan controller comes with 3 speeds, these are variable with the fans you install but it is volt limited to 5, 7 and 12 volts. Setting them by default at 7v. Which is where I’d be inclined to leave it unless you do a lot of intensive work most of the time.

aegis-outside (6)

Last, but certainly not least is the rear panel of the Aegis. Here we are greeted with the included 120mm fan in one of the two mount locations. I presume this is to offer better 120mm radiator options. Also, there is the IO cutout, 5 PCI slots for M-ATX motherboards, ATX power supply mount.

aegis-outside (7)

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