BitFenix Aegis Review

Are we now in the age of the "Aegis"?


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Extras: Worth A Mention

Now I guess I should give ICON a mention. ICON is a 2.8″ TFT screen which connects to your motherboard using an internal USB2 adapter. It comes as default with the BitFenix logo and a black background. But once you download the BitFenix ICON software from BitFenix’s website you can drag and drop and image of your choice as you can see below.

aegis-icon (2) aegis-icon (1)

Finally included is a pump and/or reservoir mounting block. It’s drilled with plenty of holes and comes with a thin layer of foam pre-applied to the top to aid in noise cancellation. A nice touch from BitFenix. Now how and where you choose to mount this is up to you. But my recommendation is to do it in the bottom on top of the HDD cage as pictured below or directly onto the floor of the case. Regardless, the mount is a great addition to the case and well worth a mention.

aegis-wc-block (1) aegis-wc-block (2)

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