Thermaltake Core V31 And V51 PC Case Reviews


Closer Look – V51 Interior

Taking the side panel off and having a proper look around the inside there is surely quite a bit of space which will come in handy, especially for those who are looking to put a full liquid cooling loop inside the Core V51. Thermaltake have done a good job at not only making their Core series modular but also making it as tool less as possible so users can have the easiest time possible setting it up and configuring it to meet their needs.

As previously mentioned the 5.25″ drive bays can be removed by taking out the thumb screws behind the front panel while the hard drive cages on the bottom of the case can be removed by thumbscrews as well, on the side and on the back of the cage bracket. There is also a nice big cutout for easy CPU cooler installation and a nice guide key on the motherboard tray to help users now which risers will need to be used depending on the type of motherboard they are using.

Thermaltake Core V51 24 Thermaltake Core V51 2

There are a good few reasons why people may want to remove all the drive bays from the front and the biggest one that sticks out for me is to set up a liquid cooling solution inside the case. Removing the drive bays/cages will allow users to install up to a 420mm radiator, or can give them room to install reservoirs and pumps as well if need be or they can use removed the drive bays if not needed to improve airflow.

Thermaltake Core V51 6

The good thing when removing the front drive trays/cages is that if you only want one 5.25″ bay you can leave one of the trays installed, or if you want either 2 or 3 hard drives you can have just one of the cages installed. The amount of configuration option Thermaltake have left users with inside the Core V51 is truly outstanding and will make it a pleasure to build in and set up!

Thermaltake Core V51 7

The bottom of the inside has vents for airflow from front to back, as previously mentioned, there are 2 separate dust filters on the bottom of the case to try and help keep up as much dust as possible.

Thermaltake Core V51 3

The top of the case is designed to fit radiators of all different sizes and as such there is quite a bit of room up there to do so. There are also a number of different spots for screws to make sure you are covered no matter which configuration you may choose.

Thermaltake Core V51 4

This is the amount of room from the top of the case to the top of the motherboard tray.

Thermaltake Core V51 9

The back side of the motherboard tray has plenty of space to route your cables how you please, there are also quite a few pass-throughs to get cables to the front of the case in their desired location.

Thermaltake Core V51 5

As we previously saw the back side panel has a nice big raised area to accommodate larger cables and make the management of cables easier, there is also a fair amount of room on the back side of the motherboard tray as well for cable management.

Thermaltake Core V51 8

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