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Introduction & Specifications

Ever had a bad back after a reasonable 4 hour gaming session? Do you sit at your PC for long periods of time and think to yourself, is this cack chair doing damage to my back? No? Well I myself have personally experienced this due UN ergonomic chairs with inadequate padding and quite frankly, cheap materials. There are however many solutions on the market currently and one of those are from a very well-known company called GT Omega.

GT Omega Racing have been around since 2008 and specialise in the manufacture of top quality racing simulators and racing cockpits, something which is a tall order to get these days, but GT Omega Racing have a full and extensive range available. Today isn’t however about Racing Cockpits (we wish), but about their range of racing seats which are designed for home PC use and office use.

Today we will be taking a look at the GT Omega Racing Master XL Office chair which features red and black synthetic leather and being quite a “large” fellow myself, these particular chairs have a load capacity of up to 150KG; something smaller and cheaper chairs just can’t match. So what makes these chairs so special? Well…


Tilt Locking mechanism 

90-180 degrees angle adjuster

Height-adjustable gas spring cylinder

Height-adjustablele armrest

Silver Polished aluminium star base

Easy to move casters

Orthopedically and ergonomically designed

Black and Red Synthetic Leather material

Headrest pillow and lumbar cushion are included

Load capacity up to 150kg

Weight 25kg

As you can see from the specifications, this chair is designed with convenience and quality in mind, as well of course being comfortable as they also come provided with free headrest and lumbar cushions for added comfort!

Upon opening the massive brown box (this thing is huge), the individual components are all wrapped up and packaged up immensely well and there is little chance of anything being damaged in transit; of course this is moot if the courier plays football with it, but they are more likely to break their foot in doing so!

GT Omega Racing Master XL Box 1

GT Omega Racing Master XL Box 2

One minor discrepancy is the polystyrene went everywhere when removing each part from the box; those bloody things get everywhere you don’t want them too! Polystyrene does however provide awesome protection during transit…

GT Omega Racing Master XL Box 3


Closer Look

Dimension MASTER XL

Assembly of the GT Omega Master XL was very straight forward and simple if you follow the instructions; much easier with 2 people I can imagine, but it’s certainly no hard task solo building. The instructions are very clear and well laid out which I followed to the letter T and at the end of it, it felt like I have built the Eiffel Tower, it was that beautiful.

GT Omega Master XL Review 1

So taking a closer and more detailed look at the Master XL office chair, this particular model is the red and black version, although it is also available in black and white, black and blue with an all-black model also available via the GT Omega Racing website. The Master XL features very comprehensive and comfortable shoulder bolsters which other gaming chairs (naming no names) have failed to cater for this aspect. Fitting in with the ethos of the chair itself, people with large shoulders like myself demand comfort over anything else and with there not being many chairs which cater to the larger person, GT Omega seem to be head and “shoulders” above the rest; get it? Of course you do!

GT Omega Master XL Review 2

The Master XL is fully adjustable in terms of height and of course back positioning. Here we have the back reclining mechanism level which allows the chair to be adjusted from a range of 90 to a whopping 180 degrees; very impressive. Even though I’m not sure why someone would want to recline to 180 degrees other than sleep, I wouldn’t recommend the GT Omega Master XL as a replacement for a good comfy bed!

GT Omega Master XL Review 3

Unlike previous and older GT Omega models, the arm rests actually come pre-installed which actually reduces installation time; great if you want to get things done quicker! The arm rests are also adjustable with height and of course twisting actions included. This is to give users a much more customisable experience and with comfort being paramount, the more adjustments available the better!

GT Omega Master XL Review 4

Assisting the large aluminium star base is a very strong and nubile frame under the seat; if it can take my large behind, then it’s super strong! The GT Omega Racing black leather(ish) finish is throughout the entirety and to show the premium feel of their brand, they don’t scrimp out like some companies on materials, as this looks and feels just like the real thing.

GT Omega Master XL Review 5

Here we have the joint between the backrest and the seat along with the free included lumbar cushion support, which to touch on ergonomics, is a vital tool in avoiding back problems later on in life. Proper posture and comfort are paramount in increasing the life of your back bones and muscles, which of course are pretty much what allows us as humans to walk, function and bend down!

The lumbar cushion itself sports the GT Omega Racing logo and looks very fitting for the chair it accompanies; beautiful!

GT Omega Master XL Review 6

At the top of the chair, we have the free included head rest which is designed to reduce neck strain; just like back problems, the neck is one of the worst places to be injured and those who experience stiff necks clearly need to get themselves a new chair for computer use! The cushion itself is foam filled (same with the lumbar), but this one has a red and black theme to fit in with the overall design of the chair; you can see the red stripe lines up well when the cushion is fastened into position.

GT Omega Master XL Review 7

The seat depth is a major selling point here for me having such a big backside and with 55cm of clearance from back to front, that’s more than enough bum real estate for most people to fill up! The backrest is 89cm from top to bottom and with this being an XL model, it offers ample support for even the tallest of people; I’m only 6’1, but it’s so refreshing to have a head rest which doesn’t sit on your neck!

GT Omega Master XL Review 9



All in all, I have been using the GT Omega Racing Master XL for well over a month religiously as I felt that it would be a better testament to the chair (or not) to give it as long as possible to see what an impact it had on me personally and if it benefited my back/posture.

It’s no secret that I’m a rather large gentleman and it’s not a something I’m ashamed of, but finding a chair which is not only capable of handling “extra” loads or being affordable for that matter is something of a long quest which never gets completed. That’s where GT Omega Racing have such the advantage over the competition as the Master XL comes in at around £209 via the GT Omega Racing website which to someone like me, constitutes fantastic value for money for what it is. It has a fantastic seat base with loads of room and if you are tall or/and overweight (up to 150kg) and want a comfy, yet stylish gaming styled chair, then the GT Omega Racing Master XL is definitely the right purchase in my opinion!

GT Omega Master XL Review 8

With different coloured designs available such as white and black, red and black, blue and black or all-black, there is something for everyone! With the emergence of even more female gamers, maybe a limited edition range of pink ones, or even orange (for Play3r) would be something to consider? I’m sure if there was enough demand they would happily oblige. £209 is a snip of a price too all things considered; you get a free head rest and lumbar cushion too with GT Omega’s latest design if you weren’t already swayed.

Touching more on the comfort of the Master XL office chair, although the chair itself feels very firm in stature, it’s actually really comfy over prolonged periods of time; I work at my desk all day and then I game at my desk afterwards, so finding a chair which is comfortable is paramount to what I do. I’ve had chairs in the past which after a month have given me a bad back so giving the Master XL a run for its money actually improved my posture somewhat. Of course it’s hard to break out of bad habits like slouching, but when I would slouch, it would be due to the comfort of the back rest; the GT Omega Master XL gave me no such problems due to the comfort of the padding and the very comfy strategically placed lumbar cushion!

Overall if I had to recommend a gaming themed office chair to anyone who was of a large frame, tall or even have an uncomfortably large bottom, then the GT Omega Master XL is the perfect companion for all those work related or gaming clad sessions! The Master XL office chair more than deserves our Gold award and with it being so highly recommended by me, it gains a multitude of deserved awards today; absolutely love this chair and I’m never going back! Good job GT Omega!


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Huge thanks to GT Omega Racing for sending in a sample.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Very comfy, even after long gaming sessions
– Available in different colours
– Good price for what you get
– Chair feels absolutely rock solid; top build quality
– Perfect for the larger and/or taller user!


– A little stiff until you wear it in with your bottom

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