Corsair H100i GTX AIO CPU Cooler Review 29

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The trend in the PC community is to make everything as powerful as it can be. Companies like AMD and INTEL are always trying to find innovative ways to make their processors more powerful, but with power, comes heat. In 2015 a lot of CPU’s can kick out a good amount of heat, which leaves other companies such as Corsair, with the task of trying to find the best and sometimes easiest way to dissipate this heat.

All-in-one (AIO) CPU Coolers are becoming ever so popular, especially with enthusiasts and gamers. While there really is no replacement for a proper water cooling loop to keep all your components cooled, AIO coolers offer users an easier alternative into the liquid cooling world, without having to know all the ins and outs. In must cases, AIO CPU coolers are sealed units that are not meant to be opened by the end user and consist of similar components to a custom loop water cooling setup. This will allow users who are not ready to maintain a custom water cooling loop a good alternative that can, in some cases, receive similar cooling results.

Today I will be taking a look at the H100i GTX which is one of the latest updates to the Corsair AIO CPU cooling range. The H100i GTX features a 240mm, 2x 120 SP120L PWM cooling fans and is designed for extreme performance. Users looking to further monitor and control the cooling performance they receive will benefit from the inbuilt Corsair Link software. This will also allow them to customize the colour of the LED display on the top of the pump.

Before we get into the real fun, let’s have a quick look at the specifications, packaging and what users can expect to find inside the box.

Corsair h100i GTX tech specifications



Looking around the outside of the box for the H100i GTX and users will be able to get a good idea of what the cooler will look like, thanks to a few different images. People looking to potentially buy an H100i GTX will be able to look around the box and find all of the relevant information they will need to make an informed decision. Helping them to decide if this is the AIO cooler for them or not.

Getting all of the contents out of the box and users will have everything they need to install the H100i GTX on a number of AMD and INTEL CPU socket types. There are number of different screws to use depending on the CPU socket you want to install the H100i GTX on, mounting plates and, of course, an installation guide and warranty information.





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