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Taking a look at the Aidos from the front and it has a very generic design to it, which is what we expect to see from a budget cooler. We know the heatpipes are direct contact and now we can see they also extend through all the fins and pop out the top.

Raijintek Aidos 6

Taking a look from the side and we can see the four heatpipes.

Raijintek Aidos 7

On the top we have a small Raijintek “R” logo and if looking closely can see the fins are not in direct contact with the heatpipes in all places, touching on the fact it has a solder-less design.

Raijintek Aidos 8

A quick look at the fan next to the cooler. The fan measures 92mm high while the Aidos itself measures 136mm high.

Raijintek Aidos 9

One of the simple things I found nice was Raijintek have taken the liberty to label the brackets accordingly.

Raijintek Aidos 10

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  1. Why is every single review for this cooler different? I have now come across 5 different reviews with 4 of them for certain using this same exact i7 4770k and 2 show pretty poos numbers with this being one of the two and the other two using the i7 and the third using a cpu I can’t think of atm showing performance that beats the hyper 212 evo in just about every area except a 1 degree loss with an overclock idle temp. I also seem to get conflicting opinions from people who have purchased this cooler pretty much matching the reviews. It either shows there is some variance in installation or the build quality of the cooler. Unfortunately I’m waiting for one in the mail and can’t even pawn it off to my son since he his cpu runs hotter then the skylake I planned to use it with. I wasn’t hoping for much but considering the low tdp of skylake expected to at least be able to safely overclock my i5 6400 to 4ghz but all these reviews makes me wonder.

    • Unfortunately without access to the same cooler we can’t re-run the tests to find out if it was a seating/fitting issue. I don’t think we would be able to find out if it’s a random problem across manufacturing without access to a large number of coolers and ran the tests again in lab conditions… something that simply isn’t possible for us to do.

      TL:DR – Best of luck, hope you get a good one 🙂

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