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Scythe Co., LTD originated in the Akihabara Electric Town of Tokyo Japan in 2002 and has since started to offer services all over the world in places like Germany, Taiwan, China and even the United States. Scythe Co., LTD started off as a distributor and manufacturer of passive and low-noise PC components.  Since then they have opened up R&D facilities in Taiwan and China to monitor production and quality control while their offices in Los Angeles, USA and Hamburg, Germany are for customer care and sales support.

Scythe now offer a nice range of products including CPU coolers, fans, PC Accessories, input devices, HDD enclosures and even some audio accessories. Today I will be taking a look at one of their CPU coolers, the Mugen Max.  Designed for enthusiasts, how will it stack up against the other coolers we have reviewed at Play3r? Will it be able tame our beasty 4770k? The inclusion of a MAX GlideStream 140mm PWM fan should help but there is only one to find out.

What Scythe have to say about the Mugen Max:

For enthusiasts and fans Scythe Mugen Mugen MAX sends to the another challenger to the market of the “big” CPU tower cooler. Looks great, but also the performance is impressive, ensures how the Mugen 4 also at MAX GlideStream a PWM fan, but one size larger – the GlideStream 140mm PWM. It promotes the warm air reliably by the already known from Mugen 4 TM.APS (Three-dimensional Multiple Airflow Pass-through Structure). The proven mounting system has also been adopted, and adapted to the new “big brother”. To underline the high quality workmanship of the heat sink, all 6 heat pipes were also plated.

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